On the 2nd July 1852, shortly after the Cathedral was so-designated, and at the behest of Joseph Hendren OSF, first Bishop of Nottingham, the Chapter of the Cathedral was constituted, consisting of a Provost and ten canons.

Its functions, then as now, are to be a college of priests of the diocese who participate in the more solemn liturgical actions in the Cathedral, and to act as an advisory body to the bishop in the exercise of his pastoral ministry.

In the past 170 years many priests have held the office of Canon within the diocese, and others have been associated to their number through being created as ‘honorary canons’ recognising their outstanding contribution to the life of the diocese and the service of the faithful.


Chapter Canons

Provost: Rev Provost John Cahill

Secretary: Rev Canon Andrew Cole VF

Theologian: Rev Canon Christopher O’Connor

Chapter Canons: Revv Canons Edward Jarosz VG, Philipp Ziomek VF, Geoffrey Hunton, Joseph Wheat, Paul Chipchase VF, Matthew Jakes, John Kyne VG, Peter Vellacott


Canons Emeriti

Rev Monsignor Canon Thomas McGovern Prot’n Ap

Revv Monsignori Canons Martin Cummins, Brian Dazeley, David Forde, Jonathan Moore

Revv Provosts Michael Bell, Jonathan Cotton

Revv Canons Anthony Dolan, Bernard Needham, Timothy O’Sullivan, Ka Fai Lee, Alan Burbidge, Michael Brown, Don Bowdren


Honorary Canons

Revv Canons George Woodall, Michael O’Donoghue VF, Michael Moore, Malachy Brett, Christopher P Thomas, Stephen Dye, Stanley Ofoegbu


Full Cathedral Chapter